Reborn doll set Rosalie incl. cloth body preorder

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Reborn doll set Rosalie incl. cloth body preorder

Price including VAT, plus shipping

Reborn doll kit Rosalie by Olga Auer. Made in China from phalatfree vinyl. # Preorder begins on 23th July 6 pm clock Germany time

The kit includes

1 x head

1 x set of full arms and legs

1 x certificates 

1 x full limb cloth body

Length of the doll with bent legs aprx 20 inches

This is a preorder. The kits will be available in 2 Months

Unforeseeable delays can not be excluded.

Non refundable deposit.

The complete price for the kit is 99,95EUR. If you have decided to buy this kit, then we charge a deposit of 30,00 EUR. The final balance - shipping is due when the kits are in stock. You will be  immediately informed.

All our dolls are not playdolls and not suitable for children's hands.

Shipping to Germany: EUR 5,90

Shippingcost worlwide outside the EU
1 kit - 12,00 Euro, 2 -3 kits 18,00 Euro, 4+ kits - 24,00 Euro
Shippingcost within the EU
1-2 kits - 12,00 Euro, 3+ kits - 16,00 Euro
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