Reborn doll kit Millie preorder

Reborn doll kit Millie preorder

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Price including VAT, plus shipping

Reborn doll kit Millie by Olga Auer. Made in Germany from phalatfree vinyl. Limited edition of ???? kits worldwide. Preorder begins on 05 march 5 pm clock Germany time and end 10 march 5 pm Germany time.

The kit includes the head, vull arms and legs, certificates (without bellyplate, without body, without eyes)

Length of the doll around 19 inch, depending on the body (50 cm)

Millie need 20mm eyes

This is a preorder. The kits will be available in 3-4 months

Unforeseeable delays can not be excluded.

Non refundable deposit.

The complete price for the kit is 79,90 EUR. If you have decided to buy this kit, then we charge a deposit of 20,00 EUR. The final balance - shipping is due when the kits are in stock. You will be  immediately informed.

All our dolls are not playdolls and not suitable for children's hands.

Shipping to Germany: EUR 5,90

Shippingcost worlwide outside the EU
1 kit - 12,00 Euro, 2-3 kits - 24,00 Euro, 4-6 kits - 39,00 Euro, 7+ 54,00 Euro 
Shippingcost within the EU
1 kit - 12,00 Euro, 2-3 kits - 16,00 Euro, 4+ 20,00 Euro
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